Excuses, excuses

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Ok, well, once again it's been some time since I last updated this, and as you may have noticed, I haven't really posted about Unreal in some time…

I've changed the focus of this blog from Unreal to Development; whether it be code, Dungeon Siege, X2, Flight Sim or Unreal related.

Hopefully this way I'll be able to post a bit more info.

Now for the excuses - I broke my arm last week, so don't expect any major work on this in the next week or so :(

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Lost the last post

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Yep, we did seem to have lost the post… However the "Change Time & Date" Tools are quite handy really, and do seem to work…

Let's go and change history... ;)

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It's oh, so quiet

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Hmm, it's all been a bit too quiet here… sorry about that.

Anyway, I really do need to get a new OS at home - still running 98SE %) on the home box - the latest patch for Unreal Tournament 2003 has gone and broken the tools again, and Epic aren't supporting 98 any more - fair enough really as MS has also killed off support for it…

So, off to somewhere next month to upgrade to XP… the final hurdle was removed a couple of months ago when Lego™ released a patch for the Studio/Mindstorms camera and I finally found and requested it… :D

I fear that Blogger may have become confused about a couple of posts - I can't seem to find them in the admin tools, so hopefully they won't disappear when I publish this one…

We'll have to see won't we…

Love spell checkers… :P

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Beat Surrender

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Other News: I'm currently working with Matt from beatsurrender.co.uk to bring you some forums. Basically, we didn't want to pay for this, and all the freebies are a bit limiting, or very poor, so I thought I'd build one. He's supplying the design expertise, and I'll be doing all the backend and database work… Currently it's an IIS, SQL Server application, but it may be reworkable, if you're interested let me know… but I may have to give it to centaur… I'll keep you posted - expect to do a fair bit of this over the next few weeks…

I'm still planning on finishing off the Unreal Level, just a bit of a back burner atm, saving up for a wedding before I can buy expensive 3D software ;)… Also I must finish a few more tutorials…

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Arrrgh! I'd just written a massif post, and the damn thing crashed…

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Confused ramblings

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Dunno what happened to the last post I put up - I'd just got back from Canada, and was a bit jet-lagged so I think I'll use that as my excuse…

Updated the creature caves again:
Zhaph - 12/07/2001

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Belated news again

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Yup, belated news again :(… This month's issue of Computer Arts has a fully working demo of 3D Studio Max 4 :D:D. However, it only works for 15 days :(, so I'm trying to clear up a lot of things everywhere so I can play around with that, but it means that a lot of other things are on hold while I sort that out, and then two weeks of frenzied action while I play with that, building as many actors as I can for Unreal, The Sims, etc, in as short a space of time as possible…

Ok, later.

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Just so you know, I'm going to change a few bits around before I move out of the two offices I've done, but I'm nearly there. I'm thinking about converting the windows from damageOpenTimed to bumpOpenTimed, that way we can crash through them rather then having to shoot them - bit more fun (Gah, was about to type realistic - how many (closed) windows do you jump through? - Could I make them cause superficial damage? Not sure, might be worth a go though), I'm also going to make the tiles a bit more realistic, as the ceilings aren't randomly covered in tiles, but are mostly white with areas of tiles, so I want to fix that, bit of an arse though as I spent a fair bit of time lining up all those tile textures on each brush %). Ho hum.

Popped in a few path nodes over the weekend so the bots behave a bit better - ie leave their spawn points before they spot another bot/player, go and get some of the guns, and then spot another player and kill them… makes testing it a bit better - I occasionally get hit now, rather than rarely…

Another excuse: I've been a tad busy at work to finish off the windows tutorial, but I'll get it finished soon I'm sure.

Ok, later.

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New telly

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Ok, so I didn't manage to get anything done over the w/end. Didn't really feel overly inspired at the time, and bought a new telly, and On Digital, so spent most of it veg'd out in front of that, sorry

I'll try and get some more done later this week…

Till then,

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Built the tutorial section

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Built the tutorial section, but haven't owt it in there yet, will be coming soon, I promise...

As I said, my Mum was up for the w/end so I haven't managed to do anything at all :(, but I'm going home shortly to work on it, so I'll let you know where I've got to with that…

Having said that, InterDev has crashed at home, so updating the site isn't easy, so don't expect any tutorials tonight.

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