I lied again

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Fair enough, I lied again… Still no tutorial, nor any explanation of what the hell I'm talking about... but there we go, however, I have made this site reasonable to look at in any version 4+ browser, it's not great in NN v4.x, and nor is it going to be, I have enough other things to worry about at the moment, and we're not looking for work with the site just at the moment - when I am, it will be perfect in all, honest Wink

Ok, my Mum's coming up for the w/end, so not much work to be done on the level then, but I'll be posting the latest iteration of the level up in a minute, there's a new class file too - wellsStreetObjs.u - contains just one object atm, "Cabinet", and is completely untested, let me know if you get any where with it - read the readme, I'll bundle the two up with the unr file in the zip for now… ;)

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Been a bit remiss this last week

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Been a bit remiss this last week here, but I have an excuse! (Who doesn't?)…

Lots of work at work this week, trying to have a life(!), and getting things organised on my site for it's re-launch have all meant that the level hasn't had much progress recently... anyway, as promised, this w/end, lots of work on it, should be relatively happy with the two main rooms, and get a load of ancillary rooms done as well - the entrance hall, lifts, etc… we shall see.

There will be lots of stand in textures on Monday though, as I'm waiting for Andy to get a load of textures off his digital camera for me Wink.

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Spent most of my spare time working on the site

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Right (new word to start a post with!), spent most of my spare time last night working on the site itself, rather than the level, but we'll get there Wink. Main changes there - Web Sites section now has some examples, there's one screen grab missing, but that's cause the site's nolonger available, but I do have a back up of it somewhere at home, so I hope to have that in place tomorrow, along with some images for the gallery.

You never know, we might be able to launch this site soon! Currently racing beatsurrender.co.uk to go live - but he'll have more on-going content than me…

Good news though, I've cleared my decks for the w/end, so I should be able to make massif progress then Grin.

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So I failed to get as much work done

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Ok, so I failed to get as much work done on the level this w/end as I'd would have liked, went out shopping, and lost 1Gb data in a failed back up, nothing important, but stuff I would have liked to keep - damn TDK CD-R's Angry. Had a Pack of 10 CD-R74's and 2 seemed to work, then 6(!) failed on me, went back to check the one's I'd already burnt, and the damn things are reported as blank… not happy. Anyway, I had 10 BASF CD-R's and they worked fine… but it did take out most of Saturday and some of Sunday, then had to do some shopping…

Anyway, I did finish off the mad.co.uk office, without the desks, but then decided that I needed to reduce the number of structural brushes I was using (currently stood at 120), which meant taking out all the desks, the dartboard, windows (these needed replacing anyhow) etc, and then de-intersecting a larger cubiod brush over the room, and then subtracting that fom the level (this should all make sense once I've added my explainations and the like).

More bad news - I'm not getting ADSL, has my house is too far from the exchange at present, June they reckon Sad.

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I haven't really got that much time to update this

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Ok, I haven't really got that much time to update this, as I'm at home today rather than work, and so only have an ickle dial up account that costs me local rates - (I know, there are other ISP's and such like, that either take a flat fee and the like, but the one I'm with has free (yes that's right free) tech support, (0800) only requires me to login once every 90 days rather than the usual 30, and gave me a free domain name, so all in all, not too bad a deal. Anyhow, I should be getting ADSL next week Grin

Basically, the earlier versions of the levels are all up here, just not directly linked to atm - if you wish to download them, then go to the downloads section and then just right click on the link and in the context menu select "copy shortcut", then paste it into the address bar. Then you just need to modify the file name slightly:
However, they're not much good without the explanations, and will be of more use in a tutorial version that I'm starting very soon…

In the mean time, I'm going to get on with the level, as soon as I've finised copying some of my CD's on this pc so that I can listen to them, have the Unreal Tourny cd in one drive, and the Direct CD I use for backing up the level in my CD-RW drive…

I'll post the chages up on Monday I'm sure.

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So I lied

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Oh, so I lied. I've decided that before I set these free on an unsuspecting world, I need to work on the texture packs… there's a 4Mb texture that I don't think I use anymore, but I don't want to put all the stages of creation up until I've taken it out of the levels, and then I can remove it from the texture pack.

So give me another day or so, I'll clean up the earlier levels, which should take too long, and then I'll get rid of the texture, and we'll be there.

Was doing staff appraisals last night, so didn't get a chance to work on it Sad.

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