A couple of things...

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Two quick notes:

One: We're moving hosts on Monday - to see how it's all going take a look at DoodleGraphics.co.uk.

Two: There are some more pictures of Zachary up in the gallery over on DoodleGraphics - mainly from our holiday in Spain - enjoy!

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More Baby News

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There are some more photo's of Zachary available in the Gallery, and he's put on loads of weight now - when we had him weighed on Tuesday he was 8lb 12oz - seeing as at about a week after birth he'd drop to something like 6lb 4oz, that's good news!

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It's a Boy!

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Somewhat of a delay in posting, but I just thought I'd let you know, my son, Zachary Benjamin was born on the 22nd December 2004 at 20:45, weighing in at 7lb 10oz.

He's a real beauty - even if I do say so myself, but so do loads of others too, and he's amazingly well behaved - only tends to cry when he's hungry, and that's only about every three - four hours at the moment - Caroline and I are managing to get a reasonable amount of sleep so far, so it's all looking well :D

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I'm Back

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Yep, I'm back from a nice long break in Spain with my Dad. Check out the pictures in the gallery.

I've been spending too much time playing in The Kingdom of Loathing recently - it's very funny - well worth wasting half an hour a day in

Also, in tools news:

If you aren't already using it, go and get a copy of JetBrains ReSharper - while most of it's features are in VS 2005, it's a great stop gap until that's actually released and we're using it. It make maintaining and designing code so much easier

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Excuses, excuses

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Ok, well, once again it's been some time since I last updated this, and as you may have noticed, I haven't really posted about Unreal in some time…

I've changed the focus of this blog from Unreal to Development; whether it be code, Dungeon Siege, X2, Flight Sim or Unreal related.

Hopefully this way I'll be able to post a bit more info.

Now for the excuses - I broke my arm last week, so don't expect any major work on this in the next week or so :(

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New telly

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Ok, so I didn't manage to get anything done over the w/end. Didn't really feel overly inspired at the time, and bought a new telly, and On Digital, so spent most of it veg'd out in front of that, sorry

I'll try and get some more done later this week…

Till then,

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So I failed to get as much work done

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Ok, so I failed to get as much work done on the level this w/end as I'd would have liked, went out shopping, and lost 1Gb data in a failed back up, nothing important, but stuff I would have liked to keep - damn TDK CD-R's Angry. Had a Pack of 10 CD-R74's and 2 seemed to work, then 6(!) failed on me, went back to check the one's I'd already burnt, and the damn things are reported as blank… not happy. Anyway, I had 10 BASF CD-R's and they worked fine… but it did take out most of Saturday and some of Sunday, then had to do some shopping…

Anyway, I did finish off the mad.co.uk office, without the desks, but then decided that I needed to reduce the number of structural brushes I was using (currently stood at 120), which meant taking out all the desks, the dartboard, windows (these needed replacing anyhow) etc, and then de-intersecting a larger cubiod brush over the room, and then subtracting that fom the level (this should all make sense once I've added my explainations and the like).

More bad news - I'm not getting ADSL, has my house is too far from the exchange at present, June they reckon Sad.

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So I lied

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Oh, so I lied. I've decided that before I set these free on an unsuspecting world, I need to work on the texture packs… there's a 4Mb texture that I don't think I use anymore, but I don't want to put all the stages of creation up until I've taken it out of the levels, and then I can remove it from the texture pack.

So give me another day or so, I'll clean up the earlier levels, which should take too long, and then I'll get rid of the texture, and we'll be there.

Was doing staff appraisals last night, so didn't get a chance to work on it Sad.

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