Jumping on the band wagon

Posted 31 January 2001, 13:01 | by | | Perma-link

Ok, everybody else seems to be doing them, or has done them, so I'm going to attempt to do one too… (Although I'd understand if you didn't hold much hope out for it, looking at my previous success with diaries elsewhere…)

But anyway, I'm going to collate a load of information I've picked up from numerous sites, provide links to others and so on and so forth, hoping to help you by providing something useful at the end of it.

So yes, you may have guessed from the URL, I'm going to start with my Unreal Tournament level I've been building, it's in its fifth re-build of the main floor plan, and currently has a load of Building Blocks in place, and some rather unwieldy textures in one of the texture files, which is why it's not up on the site yet…

I'll go and write up some FAQ type bits on another page soon so that this page doesn't get too huge Wink

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