We're alive!

Posted 20 December 2006, 11:07 | by | | Perma-link

Hooray! We've finally upgraded the last of our sites to ASP.Net 2.0, and all the goodness that entails - Generics, Membership Providers, Master Pages, the works.

I have to say, while the profile provider out of the box is a little rubbish - the entire profile is stored as a delimited field in one column of the database - the rest of it's wonderful. Only thing that confused me for a little while was the application names - if you change the name in the membership provider, don't forget to change it for all the other providers (roles, profiles, etc). No real point in logging-in/registering at the moment, I've not wired anything up to use it yet.

Apologies to those of you that already subscribed to this feed - I think you may have received the last ten items again yesterday, all lumped in as published yesterday (or whenever you updated the feed) - I'd forgotten to set the pubDate element on the items.

Quick notes of appreciation:

  • New hosts - LiquidSix.co.uk currently very efficient, affordable, etc.
  • I'm using the FCKEditor as the main interface for writing this (on top of my own little system for blogging).
  • I'll hold my hand up and admit that the MS Personal Web Site Starter Kit was ripped apart for the albums section.


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A couple of things...

Posted 16 April 2005, 01:48 | by | | Perma-link

Two quick notes:

One: We're moving hosts on Monday - to see how it's all going take a look at DoodleGraphics.co.uk.

Two: There are some more pictures of Zachary up in the gallery over on DoodleGraphics - mainly from our holiday in Spain - enjoy!

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Galleries a-go-go

Posted 07 August 2004, 01:39 | by | | Perma-link

Following on from my last late night post, I can happily state that point 2. Galleries is now working as it should be.

4. I'm getting slightly better at adding odd posts here, but I've still not put anything particularly enlightening up yet.

5. Pretty much there for the default template, will be the work a few minutes to get Small Text and High Contrast behaving too - but not now - it's actually 0244 here now - Blogger doesn't know about BST.

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Well, that was painful

Posted 22 July 2004, 13:33 | by | | Perma-link

So, I've just had the joy of going through all my old posts (only 53 of them at the last count), and adding in <br /> tags in all the line breaks - I don't like the way Blogger was adding paragraph tags everywhere, causing all sorts of havoc, so I turned off the feature in the formatting settings… which broke all the archive pages. This meant I had to go through each post, add the tags, and publish each one as I went, there's doesn't seem to be a way to edit them all, mark them all as ready to publish, but don't publish just yet, and then bulk publish them all. Slow. But can't really complain, it's not what you're supposed to do, go back and change history.

As I had to go through the all the old posts, I also removed the links with my email address (I was young and naive - so much spam now), and removed the target attributes from the links, attempting to make this all more XHTML1.1 compliant (it's not yet, but I'm working on that). Still need to work out what I'm going to do with the image tags though - I guess I need move the width and height attributes in to the styles.

Note to self: Must stop doing this stream of consciousness stuff - I keep leaving ellipsis everywhere - not good.

I don't know when, but I'll try and get the downloads and tutorials back up, but they are all horribly out of date - UT's on 2004 now :( Laters.

[Update 2011/05/13: Oh the irony, as I go back and tag these old posts, and also change the double <br />s back into paragraphs because I now understand about symantic mark-up Wink.]

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Oh my, an update is here&hellip;

Posted 21 July 2004, 01:12 | by | | Perma-link

Yes, there is finally another update on this site! Both in the physical sense of a new posting that's going to sit on this site and never get read, and also in the ethereal sense of a (slightly) new look and feel.

I've revamped the layout so that it's easier for me to extend and update, I've also tweaked the way the site works so that:

  1. Memorable URIs work (allegedly, I may need to work on a few more).
  2. Blogger Posts now link properly to their posts.
  3. Because of (2) you can now add comments to almost all my posts this year…
  4. Multiple stylesheets are supported - try them if you're using Firefox, there should be a funky style sheet button available in the bottom left corner of the browsers status bar labeled "Switch to an alternate stylesheet".
    This currently doesn't remember the different selections by default, so I'll work on that.

Things still left to do:

  1. Link up old tutorials
  2. Link up the Galleries - I had three different systems last time, I'm looking to put them all in to one, but in a more structured way.
  3. Link up my old downloads.
  4. Add more content over time.
  5. Finish off the css, so it consistently uses em sizes rather than points.
  6. Go to bed - look at the time now, and I've got a Performance Review at work tomorrow…

With (4) in mind, I've got a few bits and pieces linked to at work that I can add now that this is all working, that I'll over the coming few days.

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Permalinks currently broken

Posted 07 June 2004, 12:52 | by | | Perma-link

Ok, so I looked into creating rss feeds today, and setting up post pages (ie, one page per posting), which broke all the permalinks, and when I undid the change, and reposted a couple of items, they stayed broken, but in a different way >:(

Looks like I'll have to sort that out properly this weekend (cast removal not withstanding).

Oh, and if anyone's interested the RSS feeds can be found here.

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Final note

Posted 18 July 2003, 18:21 | by | | Perma-link

Oh yes, final note…

May well think about porting all this over to .Net and C# soon… mmm, compiled code…

Which will probably involve a bit of a redesign…

Anyway, laters.

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Welcome back!

Posted 31 August 2002, 11:26 | by | | Perma-link

Great, welcome back - that took slightly longer than I had hoped… :(

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We're moving

Posted 16 August 2001, 15:58 | by | | Perma-link

Ok, as I said on the homepage, we're moving to new home over the next 24-48 hours… see you there…

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Launched the main site

Posted 16 March 2001, 09:11 | by | | Perma-link

Launched the main site too, got bored of fiddling with it - rest to follow soon…

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