Doodle Graphics: Purveyors of Fine Web Code and 3D Graphics

Welcome to the new look and feel Doodle Graphics website. As you can see it's very different to the last one, but similar in its content.

Latest changes:

  • The site's been completely rebuilt using ASP.Net MVC.
  • The Albums now feature full-on, Web 2.0, tag clouds, and we've been tagging up vast quantities of the photos.
  • The latest blog posts are now visible on the home page

Things still known to be different include:

  • Movies - currently you can't see any movies of Zachary or Lego.
  • Galleries - These have moved to Albums and have a slightly different structure.
  • Dev Diary - This has moved to Blogs; all the content is there, it's just not in the same place, however the posting pages now work.
  • Redirects - These are all set up to cover most of the old links to new links, if you find any more, please let us know.